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This concept, a trinity of three talented artists Jorg Hysek, Valérie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet working together in total harmony for many years, evolves continuously and never ceases to strive for new heights of excellence. The subtle bond between fine watchmaking and high tech gives a new direction to 21st century watches, marvels of design and resolutely oriented towards the future. The HD3 initials, which sound like some chemical element, in fact represent the perfect match between form and function. Each designer endows his creations with unique and powerful emotive power. The harmony apparent throughout their work reveals a shared passion for artistic freedom in the ultimate quest for time, as it will evolve in the future. Having worked together for years as designers at Team Styling, in 2004 Jorg, Valérie and Fabrice decided to initiate HD3 Complication, a brand based on the three designers’ shared passion for truly exceptional creative watchmaking. They were determined to allow their imagination free reign, each in their own way, as artists in the perpetual pursuit of perfection. Human relationships being of paramount importance for them, they have been able to attract the finest craftsmen. Their artistic vision has led to the creation of exceptional timepieces for their valued customers.


The models are positioned in the highest luxury price segment and are each produced in small limited editions of 1,  11 or 33 pieces each. As calibres demanding, individually designed movement designs are used – with a remarkably high share of tourbillons.

As we say in the world of watches: Each kind of watch has already existed before. This normally valid maxim has been sovereignly challenged by HD3 Complication, because all models have something special, not seen yet.

HD3 Complication has settled in the village of Luins, right in the heart of the winemaking area of the Vaud Riviera, in a magnificent winegrower’s residence surrounded by vineyards and ideally situated on the sloping hills along the lake between Geneva and Lausanne. Our choice is mainly due to the beauty of the environment, which for us as designers represents a rich source of creative inspiration. For Valérie Ursenbacher, it means going back to her roots as a wine-producer, and to her family home since 1935 where she spent her childhood. Valérie’s grandfather built the house; it reflects the family spirit and craftsmanship symbolised by the HD3 Complication brand Thus the fascinating destiny of the Domaine Ganymède will now be associated with the world of Haute Horlogerie. A marriage made in heaven between fine watchmaking in all its complexity, and the simple quality of local Swiss products.

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