Hysek, Ursenbacher and Gonet

The designer and watch artists Jörg Hysek and two of his best young employees, Valérie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet, started this watch manufacturer in 2005 and stroke a completely new path of interpreting a timepiece. Our team had worked together for several years and harmoniously developed into a creative symbiosis, which now presents to the outside as a luxury brand. So with the watch lines Raptor (created by Fabrice Gonet), capture (created by Valérie Ursenbacher), Idalgo (created by Jörg Hysek) and Three Minds (created by all three) you realize immediately that we overcome all previous notions of Haute Horlogerie watches with sovereign radicalism. The watches stand for a new vision of time measurement. We present new materials, case forms and dial designs and work without taboos and restrictions both with classical mechanics as watches and also with the very latest technology.

The models are positioned in the highest luxury price segment and are each produced in small limited editions of 1, 11 or 33 pieces each. As calibres demanding, individually designed movement designs are used – with a remarkably high share of tourbillons.

As we say in the world of watches: Each kind of watch has already existed before. This normally valid maxim has been sovereignly challenged by HD3 Complication, because all models have something special, not seen yet.

A new watch category

The new watch category defined by the HD3 “musketeers” that seems to replace the traditional complications, the oversized sports models and the diamond studded watches as a trend, especially in the USA and in the Far East is referred to as a class of “Uber Watches”. Meant are timepieces that accept no restrictions in terms of technology, daring design competence, but tolerate no boundaries in terms of both effort and correspondingly high price. The result is something that traditional watch lovers will probably find provocative. But it had always been. Even models that have long been accepted as a classic, once triggered shock and outrage, but at the same time dug into the consciousness of the viewer.

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